Forum 2

Tuesday, May 21st: Jimmy will post a question here.

Wednesday, May 22nd: Mishal and Janete will post replies here.

Thursday, May 23rd: Jimmy, Mishal, and Janete will post responses here.

Rick will join the conversation at any time.


6 thoughts on “Forum 2

  1. What would you do when the host give you some water or tea when you are a guest?
    In Taiwan and China you can drink it to empty, but in some place it is impolite. How is your country?

  2. We don’t mind. You can drink it all, not drink, or drink a little, or you can ask for more. If you drink it all, the host will offer you more, and even if there is still a little in the cup, the host will offer more.

  3. When I eat a meal at a restaurant, or dine at a friend’s house or family member’s house, I always leave a small amount of food on my plate when I am finished. I feel that this communicates to my host that I am satisfied. I’m not sure if this reflects the culture of my home area in the Carolinas, but I have always done this. Drinking is different, however. In the American south, we often have Free Refills. We can drink as much as we want, and it is not impolite to have more.

  4. Thanks for share!! Because I’ve heard about in some cultures, when you don’t want refill or you decide to leave. The best way is do not drink them all.

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