Forum 3

Wednesday, May 22nd: Janete will post a question below.

Thursday, May 23rd: Mishal and Jimmy will post replies below.

by Sunday, May 26th: Janete, Mishal, and Jimmy will post responses below.

Rick will join the conversation at any time.


4 thoughts on “Forum 3

  1. When I was growing up in Brazil, my family had two important holidays. Christmas from our Brazilian culture and New Year from our Japanese culture. Did any of you had some mixed holidays celebration?

  2. Most people in Taiwan celebrate the old Chinese traditional holidays. Such as Chinese New year, Duanwu Festival, and Moon Festival. On the other hand, there are many people celebrate Christmas, Valentine, and Halloween like American.

  3. I didn’t have any mixed holiday celebrations in my family, but I had friends who celebrated one parent’s holiday (Christmas, perhaps) and then the other parent’s holiday (Hanukah, perhaps). I thought this was very interesting.

    When I lived in Japan, I celebrated a commercial Christmas and a religious Christmas, I think. This was a kind of mixed celebration. I would eat Christmas cake, and enjoy the Christmas decorations in Fukuoka, and then, I would celebrate Christmas very differently at my church in Japan. The two celebration styles overlapped somewhat, but the differences were obvious. It was a very interesting experience for me.

    In America now, we have kind of commercial celebration of Christmas that is separate from our religious celebration of Christmas. I wonder if you guys can see the difference?

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