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Monday, May 20th: Mishal will post a question below.

Tuesday, May 21st: Janete and Jimmy will post replies to this question.

Wednesday, May 22nd: Mishal, Janete, and Jimmy will post responses.

Rick will join the conversation at any time.



8 thoughts on “Forum 1

  1. Hello guys, I am really worried because I am the first one who have to start doing this part

    According to your cultures, what are your traditions when you host a guest who comes from far away place? For example, in my country we do not let the guest to buy any thing or living at hotel, we must host him/her at our homes.

    I hope my question is easy to answer

  2. It depends. If the guest is a relative or close friend he/she stays in our house and we can take the person to some places and pay for everything. It depends on the number of guests because if the house is not so big, they can’t all stay together.

  3. In traditional, the host should pay all for the guest. But now, it depends on the relation to the guests, and what they wish. If the guests want to stay in my home, they would tell me before coming. If not, the guests would go to other place and pay by themselves.

  4. In the Carolinas, we almost always want our guests to stay at our home with us. And in the countryside, where I grew up, there are few hotels, so our guests often do not have any other choice. Sofa-beds are common in my part of the US. Are sofa-beds common in your counties?

  5. Sofa-beds are common in Brazil, but I think that they are for people living in small places, that doesn’t have an extra bedroom.

  6. Thank you for sharing me guys

    I found some similarities to my culture

    Because Saudi houses are very big, we have some empty rooms that are used for our guests

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