Forum 4

This week, our forum questions should be similar to the short answer questions that we are doing for our tests. Please look at your handouts to help you to understand how to write these questions. Also, as always, the questions should come from our new readings in the Language and Communication chapter. Please try to write a question that will help us to understand the content in this chapter.

Tuesday, May 28th: Jimmy will write a question.

Wednesday, May 29th: Janete and Mishal will post a response here.

Thursday, May 30th: Everyone will post an additional comment.


9 thoughts on “Forum 4

  1. Because calls are rigid and cannot be put together for two things at the same time and also they are automatic. There are only the same call to determined danger or other causes and in whole they are too few to be able to express anything more than basic necessities.

  2. Basically, I think that call systems are not language because the vocabulary of these call systems is too small, and there are no grammatical structures. A language has morphology, syntax, and semantics, but call systems do not have these.

    • Humans can jump in the air, and humans can jump from one place to a nearby place, but this is not the same thing as flying like birds can fly. (What do you think of this comparison?)

  3. Because it doesn’t have some significance as writing, speaking to be a language

    and also it is understood by some people who are scientists, not everyone.

  4. I think in the past, humans also used call system to communicate. Until they tried to draw something in the cave they lived in. However, we still cannot know the speech or drawing was the first language.

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