Forum 5

This week, our forum questions should be similar to the short answer questions that we are doing for our tests. Please look at your handouts to help you to understand how to write these questions. Also, as always, the questions should come from our new readings in the Language and Communication chapter. Please try to write a question that will help us to understand the content in this chapter.

Tuesday, May 28th: Janete will write a question.

Wednesday, May 29th: Jimmy and Mishal will post a response here.

Thursday, May 30th: Everyone will post an additional comment.


7 thoughts on “Forum 5

  1. Do you think that it was only after they learned a language that Washoe and Lucy showed some human characteristics?

  2. I think that Washoe and Lucy probably showed some human traits before learning some language, but they probably showed new traits after learning some language, and these traits were learned via the language, a kind of direct diffusion of culture. Do you understand?

  3. But as they understand the concept of joke and swearing,maybe they had their own version of jokes and swear gestures or something similar to those.

    • Our textbook says that Koko, a gorilla, was able to use language productively when she coined the word “finger bracelet” for a ring. I think this is a kind of joke. I think I would have laughed if I had seen her sign “finger bracelet.”

  4. I think every animal has its own characteristics. For example, the researchers only choose the apes which has gentle personality in order to decrease the dangerous. On the other hand, other team which use parrots as samples can use random select, because they are not so danger.

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