Forum 2 for Summer 2

Please read this article and think about gossip:

Do you think that gossip is a good thing, bad thing, or not influential?

Can you think of any evidence or examples that support your ideas?

Please share your thoughts with the rest of our class.


11 thoughts on “Forum 2 for Summer 2

  1. I thought that I’ve post something about gossip, but it seems gone.
    Whatever, I think gossip is a kind of force to control people or government.
    People care about how other people look at them.
    Government listen to gossip to correct policy directions.
    However, I cannot describe if it is good or bad.
    Because with different situation, the power and effect of gossip also changes.
    Take Taiwan for example, people believe gossip and media due to the government is not trusted.
    However, the government can use media to create some gossip to control what people think and care about.

    • Thanks for sharing this, Taka!

      SNS means Social Networking Service, for those who don’t know.
      It’s definitely interesting to think about Facebook as a new tool for social control. With SNSs, we can exert even more control and more quickly, right? It’s a little scary.

      • I just read an article in the New York Times that talks about how modern communications technologies are changing the way that people get information, and how this is changing the way US presidents communicate:

        “Instead of just three TV networks, Americans have myriad choices for entertainment and information, and viewership numbers for prime-time presidential addresses have fallen, to about 25 million. Faced with new competition, broadcasters resist giving airtime to presidents, so presidents give fewer addresses (and evening news conferences). When they do want to speak, they increasingly choose arrangements more comfortable to them than sitting at a desk staring at a lens — a setup that Mr. Obama, known for his oratorical skills, likes no more than Mr. Bush did. “

  2. Actually I don’t have any idea about whether gossip is good or bad. In my opinion i think gossiping is just a natural thing. Gossip itself can’t be measured. However, it is obvious that gossip is a very important thing in our life. So, it would be more helpful to talk about what things we should be aware when gossiping. If we cannot avoid it would be better to make ways which will make gossip a positive thing.

    • Sang, you have some interesting questions.

      How can we teach people to gossip in the most safe and positive way?

      Combining Sang’s and Taka’s thoughts, how can we teach people to use SNSs in the most safe, fare, and positive ways?

      Does anyone remember their parents teaching them about gossip? Did your father or mother say that something was appropriate or inappropriate for gossip? something like that?

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