Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizers
for the Language and Communication Chapter

Jimmy :
Picture 1
Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 10.27.49 AM

Mishal :
Gender Speech Contrast

Janete :
Janete's GO for LTAC
Linguistic Variation
Picture 1

Rick :
Picture 5
Picture 1


6 thoughts on “Graphic Organizers

  1. Be careful when choosing whether something is a main point or evidence/example. I see a few items among these GO’s that are perhaps mislabeled. Can you see any of these?

  2. Use more bold fonts or larger fonts, and use other symbols when making these Graphic Organizers. Use these differences to separate main ideas and main examples/evidence, etc. Also, use indents to show that an idea or example falls within the topic of the above item. Visually, you should quickly be able to understand the Graphic Organizer.

  3. When making a Graphic Organizer, make sure that all important ideas/points, all important examples, evidence, explanations, and other important information is mentioned somewhere. Don’t leave out any good information.

  4. Don’t forget about names! The names of important researchers, subjects, or organizations/groups! Names are important when organizing your understanding of a text. Names often appear in ID questions. Names are often a good thing to mention in Short Answer questions and Essays, etc. Don’t forget to include names!

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