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14 thoughts on “Resources

  1. I thought that the Becoming Human site was interesting because in our book, we discuss about primates and how we are similar and what are our differences and in Becoming Human there is an interactive documentary about our evolution.
    Other interesting site is the Evolution from PBS where we can see some videos and links to other sites with some activities. The only problem is that there are material that can be seen only if you buy them.


    This one talks about the history of the anthropology. Also, it is very important to have a basic idea of the anthropological studies before we start studying many subheadings

    This link is very good because it talks about the history of human. Also, it is a certain issue nowadays because some non religious people believe that human are not created but human were monkeys!!!!!!!
    this link is very nice because it talks about many things that have been changing such as human,animals,and religions.

    This site has many pictures of the oldest cultures in the world. It is a good resource to find examples of cultures.
    The homepage of American Museum of Natural History. A little far away from Honolulu, but they have many special activities and exhibits. Also, you can see some of them on the website.
    Another graphic website. All free. You can also request the hi-resolution images and videos. Of course, it has to pay.

  4. Good Job Guys! Nice Work!
    If you find any other great websites for Anthropology, ones that will be good for us this term, please share them here and tell us a little about the sites. Thanks!

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