HELP 433RW Content Reading & Writing 1

Course Description:

This course attempts to simulate an undergraduate‐level course by using authentic textbook material. The focus of the course is on the strategies for reading long academic texts, note‐taking skills, and answering exam questions.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Read with comprehension of both content and organization
  • Annotate, outline, mind-map, summarize, analyze, infer, and respond critically to a text
  • Increase passive and active knowledge of general, academic, and discipline-specific English vocabulary
  • Write answers to textbook exam questions in a format appropriate for the question type
  • Display academic values and readiness for content-area courses in an American post secondary system by taking responsibility for one’s own learning and by demonstrating basic competence with information technology

Course Materials:

*Required:  Content Reading; Cultural Anthropology (McGraw-Hill CREATE) 2013
and 433RW Student Guide.  ( Chapters 1 & 2 )


  • Vocabulary study using Quizlet and other resources
  • Group Work
  • Class Website Discussions
  • Tests and Quizzes
  • Reading


  • 15%  –  Vocabulary Study and Vocabulary Tests
  • 25%  –  Participation
  • 15%  –  Note Taking
  • 20%  –  Tests & Quizzes
  • 25%  –  Forum Participation

( See the Calendar for more details )


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